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All Trees, any size are $62.00.  This price includes N.J. Sales Tax.
Please note the Holiday Tree Farm does not accept credit cards

YES, we have saws and rope.
Trees range in size up to 9 ft.

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Canan fir:
(a Balsam variety) Very aromatic with short, 1/2-inch needles and a tall, slender shape -- perfect to tuck into the corner of a room.


Douglas fir: A very full, graceful tree with an even silhouette and slightly longer needles than the balsam.


Norway Spruce: This conical tree has shiny dark green needles about 1/2 inch in length. Norway Spruce
Blue Spruce: has a narrow, pyramidal shape and cone-shaped crown, needles are very sharp.
Concolor Fir: Blue to green in color, branches are stiffer than Douglas fir, has excellent needle retention and a unique fragrance.